Sling studio Falling feathers………..


Sling studio – Buzz Acacia toddler WCMT

This beautiful carrier is one of 2 that will be heading over to Sling studio

It is toddler size, has leg and neck padding, adjustable hood, smartai padded to wrap straps and a padded waist as standard.

This wrap is yet to be released so make sure you keep a close eye on the Sling studio Facebook page, this carrier could be yours.


Sling studio “Punk”……….

Wowzers! I don’t know where to start with describing this conversion.

I am totally awesomed (yes i know that’s not a word) out that Sling Studio contacted me to make this conversion for them.  This carrier is made from the “Punk” prototype and has yet to be released into the public.

Totally in love with this wrap. It feels super soft to the touch and is my style to a T. I have made this Toddler sized, with smartai padded to wrap straps, neck and leg padding an adjustable hood and our standard padded waist.