Where the four leaf clovers grow….

I have been eagerly wanting to get this carrier finished as the embroidery and poem go perfectly with this Natibaby clover wrap.

This is an in-between size carrier and comes with all the extras. Leg padding, neck padding, smartai straps, adjustable hood and padded top stitched waist as standard.

It has been teamed it with a beautiful shimmery silver silk for the inside of the carrier and the underside of the hood. I think this is a fantastic carrier and is making it’s way to the lovely Amelia.

Please excuse the quality of the pictures and chalk lines…I wanted to get pictures up quickly before the sun stopped shining so I could capture the metallic thread 🙂


Natibaby balloons with hemp SMT wrap tai……..

This carrier is beautifully soft and cushy and made completely custom sized in preschool width and toddler height.

It has numerous Swarovski crystals dotted about the night sky on the front panel and also on the hood for that extra sparkle.

Leg padding, neck padding, wide wrap straps, sweat hood and a top stitched padded waist as standard.

This has been made for the lovely Rose to add to her growing collection ❤

Simplymeitai vintage in between…..

Thai simplymeitai is made from vintage fabric that I have coordinated with silk and snugly cord.

In-between sized with neck and leg padding, standard padded waist and padded mei tai straps. On the hood we have added cute ears 🙂

I think this carrier has turned out beautifully and I cannot wait to see pictures of it in action.


Sling studio – Buzz Acacia toddler WCMT

This beautiful carrier is one of 2 that will be heading over to Sling studio

It is toddler size, has leg and neck padding, adjustable hood, smartai padded to wrap straps and a padded waist as standard.

This wrap is yet to be released so make sure you keep a close eye on the Sling studio Facebook page, this carrier could be yours.


Firespiral Birch Trees…..Simplymeitai HB

I’ve loved working on this half buckle and the gorgeous wrap comes from the lovely people at Firespiral slings.

This simplymeitai is a toddler size half buckle with padded head rest, standard padded waist and smartai padded to wrap straps. The wrong side of the wrap has been used on the reverse.

Enjoy Helen……